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Quality Score 101: What Does Google Look For?

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Quality Score is one of the most important, yet, least understood aspects of the Google AdWords equation. Part of the reason why Quality Score is so poorly understood is that Google provides only very basic information about its formula.

4 Awesome Copywriting Tips That Will Increase Click-Throughs

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An AdWords ad with a high click-through rate - or CTR - will receive more clicks and cheaper bids, which leads to higher earnings. Below are a few tips explaining how to write copy that will inspire more people to click on your ads.

Finding and Selecting Profitable Keywords

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Perhaps the most important element in all of Google AdWords is your keywords. A mediocre ad with a killer keyword list will convert far better than a great ad with a mediocre keyword list. To succeed in the AdWords game, you need low-cost keywords that convert at strong ROIs.

3 Major Ways Your Ad Position and Cost Per Click are Impacted by Your Quality Score

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Your Quality Score heavily impacts your ad position, cost per click (CPC) and return on investment (ROI). Exactly how does that happen?

9 Essential Location-Based Apps

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Have you ever been out with someone only for them to stop to ‘check in’ to the place that you have just entered? This behavior might seem odd at first, but what they’re actually doing is using Foursquare to publicly share the fact that they’re in that place with you at that time.

How to Fine-Tune a Campaign

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Success in AdWords isn't just about setting up a profitable campaign. It's also about fine-tuning a working - or near-working - campaign to improve its ROI. Oftentimes campaigns won't be profitable right from the start. If your campaign is losing 30% from day one, there's a very good chance that with some fine-tuning, you'll be able to make that profitable.

10 Easy Ways to Attract More Customers to Your Website

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For any business with an online presence, the most important role of a website is likely going to be to attract more customers. If you design your website correctly, it should provide a huge ROI, as those who land on your page are potential opportunities to make a profit and form a relationship.

When Should You Remove Reviews?

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Not too long ago, business reviews were written by subject-matter experts and printed in well-known publications. In today’s world, that’s simply no longer the case. Nowadays your customers can easily voice their opinion and experience they had with your business online for the world to see.

The 7 Best Small Business Social Media Tools of 2016

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Owning a small business can be the most exciting thing that any person can possibly do. The challenges of reaching out to customers, successfully identifying and entering markets, and keeping a competitive edge over the competition can easily take over every waking moment.

How to Turn Facebook Fans into Paying Customers

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Even if your business has an enormous presence on Facebook, you may still be struggling to get new clients. Why is this? Well, in part, it’s because you’re not doing a good job of turning those fans into actual paying customers. You have done a great job with the first step in the process, which is attracting people on Facebook and ultimately building a raving fan base.


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