Happy New Year 2017

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Happy New Year! This greeting is going out later than i had planned but i have been busy working on some new services to help drive more customers to your business.

Many of us have set goals of increasing business in 2017 and my goal is to provide tips/tricks and ideas to help you do so. […]

How to Fine-Tune a Campaign

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Success in AdWords isn't just about setting up a profitable campaign. It's also about fine-tuning a working - or near-working - campaign to improve its ROI. Oftentimes campaigns won't be profitable right from the start. If your campaign is losing 30% from day one, there's a very good chance that with some fine-tuning, you'll be able to make that profitable.

Newsletter Marketing: More Important than You Think

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With the social media craze these days, email marketing for your small business is easily neglected. After all, does anyone actually use email anymore? As it turns out, yes, many people do. The truth is that three times as many combined users on Facebook and Twitter still use email.

Email Marketing with Newsletters 101

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Email Marketing
If you’re not marketing your small business with newsletters, you need to seriously consider it! The fact of the matter is that newsletters give you, as a business owner, another chance to connect with your audience. Furthermore, newsletter marketing is something that your competition may not be doing, so it will give you a […]


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