Google’s 3-Pack: 3 Hot Tips for Getting a Company Listed

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Now that Google has changed from a 7-pack to a 3-pack, local SEO has gone through some changes as well. Claiming one of the features’ spots when there were seven was a struggle, and the objective is even more difficult to reach now that there are only three.

SEO: Patience is the Name of the Game

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Off-page SEO can help beginner websites in getting a higher position in search engine results. However, it takes time for SEO to show positive results; it is important to understand that affect the SEO ranking timeframe.

What exactly is Search Engine Optimization?

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Search Engine Optimizations is commonly known for being SEO. SEO is simply when you optimize your site to begin ranking on the search engines. It it not exactly easy to rank a website to the top of Google.

Internet Marketing For Local Businesses – Important No Matter How Big Or Small

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The owner of a small business, especially in a small town, may believe that they don't need to do any internet marketing. Perhaps they figure they already have loyal customers, or maybe they think they are too small, or it could be that they are intimidated by the latest technology. All of these are, to be blunt, excuses.

Understanding Local SEO

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As a website owner or business owner you have to know the benefits of SEO (search engine optimization) to your business. In regards to the internet there's much more going on as far as searching is concerned and much less happening as far as browsing. If you want your website or business to expand and get more traffic and possible customers then you need to understand the greatest way for them to get there is with the search engines.


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